Robbers high-five after killing 76-year-old victim in home invasion: Police

Police said two Wisconsin men gave each other a high-five after they robbed and killed a 76-year-old man, according to People.

Following the hand gesture, one of the two men allegedly said, “We did good, bro.”

Calvin Fleener and James Johansen are charged with killing Kenneth Latus during a home invasion, according to a criminal complaint.

Fleener, 42, reportedly crossed paths with Latus on October 20, a day before the crime, when he went with a woman to Latus’ Greendale home where a package had been mistakenly delivered.

The next day, Fleener reportedly brought Johansen, 22, to Latus’ home from a homeless camp where they lived.

Police said the two men pushed their way inside the home, restrained Latus, punched him and smothered him with a pillow.

Officers believe Freener punched and suffocated Latus, saying, “I got to make sure he does not call the cops!” Authorities charged Johansen with felony murder because of his alleged role at the scene.

During the bus ride away from the murder scene, Johansen and Fleener were caught on surveillance footage laughing and high-fiving, according to the Journal Sentinel.

Reports indicate the two were also captured on surveillance footage entering Latus’ apartment, according to People.

Johansen reportedly told police “he did not know what they were going to do until they arrived at a residence.”

The suspect allegedly covered Latus’ body with a blanket and bound his feet and arms, taking $160 from his wallet, the criminal complaint states.

Latus is described by his family as “the nicest, kindest person you could ever meet. He was a wonderful husband, father and friend.”

He was a Marine veteran and grandfather who had recently been diagnosed with cancer, according to People.

His wife, who he was married to for 55 years, died earlier this year.

[Featured image: Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office]