Armed local neighbor traded gunfire with Texas church shooter, might have killed him: Police

After a short pursuit that ended with a crash, police say they found the gunman responsible for the deadliest church shooting in U.S. history dead from an apparent gunshot inside his vehicle.

Though authorities did not confirm the suspect’s name at Sunday’s press conference, Freeman Martin of the Texas Department of Public Safety said another individual retrieved a gun and began firing at the shooter.

He said police had not determined whether the shooter died from that individual’s gunfire or by a self-inflicted shot.

According to KSAT, one local woman said her boyfriend, who witnessed the end of the deadly incident, saw a neighbor shooting at the gunman.

Along with the armed neighbor, Johnnie Langendorff then took off in pursuit of the gunman, Summer Caddell said.

She noted Langendorff called her soon after the vehicle they were chasing crashed.

As of KSAT’s latest report, she had still not heard from her boyfriend, whose phone had reportedly been taken by police as evidence in the investigation.

While authorities did not confirm the identity of the man responsible for at least 26 deaths and dozens of injuries at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Martin described him as a white male, probably in his 20s.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, news outlets had previously identified the shooter as Devin Patrick Kelley.

The gunman was wearing all black gear and a ballistic vest at the time of the shooting, police said.

[Featured image: AP Photo/Darren Abate]