Former student threatens killing spree against staff members, posts threats on YouTube: Cops

Police said they seized several loaded shotguns and rifles from inside the home of a California man who they said threatened to go on a killing spree in a YouTube rant, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Authorities charged David Kenneth Smith, 40, with one felony count of making criminal threats after he threatened a Soka University staff member in a series of bizarre emails, followed by a threatening YouTube video.

Authorities said Smith was upset after he received a punishment from the university in 2008 after he was caught using marijuana, deputies said in a statement. Police were tipped off by staff members at Soka University in Aliso Viejo, California, after they said Smith, a former student, sent the video to an instructor.

The footage reportedly shows Smith sitting with a semiautomatic weapon on his chest talking about the university. Police said another video posted by Smith shows him going on a rant about choosing between suicide and mass murder.

The video was reportedly titled, “What Good Does Killing Ever Do?”

“What should I do?  Should I commit suicide and just die off in a corner where all of you folks out there are just … well, hey, I guess that problem took care of itself now, didn’t it? We’ll never have to ever have any reckoning at all for what we did to him and so many other people,” Smith said, smiling throughout the footage. “I’d rather go on a killing spree,” he adds.

“Investigators believed the suspect’s threats were credible and an attack possible,” said Jaimee Blashaw, spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. “There were multiple videos of him talking about killing sprees, and in several videos, he’s carrying a firearm,” Blashaw said. “The threat was credible enough.”

Deputies found two rifles, three shotguns and four revolvers when they took Smith into custody. All of the weapons found were registered in Smith’s name, according to the district attorney.

Smith reportedly refers to himself in one of the videos as a “journalist” who once worked for a “major metropolitan newspaper,” the Los Angeles Times reported. He remains behind bars on a $1 million bond.

[Feature Photo: Orange County PD]