Teen shoots himself in the wiener on accident after robbing hotdog stand: Cops

Police said a 19-year-old accidentally shot himself in the penis and leg as he ran away from a Chicago hotdog stand which he reportedly robbed, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Terrion Pouncy collapsed after leaving the Maxwell Street Express, a hotdog stand on Chicago’s south side. Two employees from the hotdog stand called 911 and described the robber as a man dressed in a dark-hooded sweatshirt and a “dark scarf concealing his face.”

Police said Pouncy came into the lobby of the eatery, showed the weapon and demanded money from the cash register.  The employees claim Pouncy, at some point, reached into one of the employee’s pockets and took a cell phone and a wallet.

One of the employees was hospitalized after Pouncy reportedly pressed the gun to his head during the incident, the Chicago Sun Times reported.

The employees said Pouncy shot himself as he ran away. Another witness reportedly saw Pouncy stop at a vacant carwash where they said he threw something over a fence. The employee’s wallet was later found.

Investigators said they recovered the .38-caliber pistol, which they said Pouncy used in the robbery.  They also recovered Pouncy’s blood-stained underwear which they said could clearly be seen in surveillance footage when Pouncy bent over to collect money which fell to the floor during the robbery.

Officers said the entire incident was caught on surveillance cameras.

Pouncy reportedly missed his first appearance in court due to being hospitalized. He’s now being held without bail, charged with two felony counts of robbery while armed with a firearm, People reports.

[Feature Photo: Pixabay]