Complete strangers reportedly have sex on Delta flight next to napping man

‘I felt bad for the guy beside them,  but I guess he was sleeping.’

Two strangers reportedly caught having sex on a Delta flight apparently tried to cover the act up with a blanket while another passenger was in the next seat asleep.

New York Post reported that that the 28-year-old man and the 48-year-old woman did not know each other before boarding the flight from Los Angeles to Detroit. The two were caught in the act while the woman performed oral sex on the man in their seats.

One witness confirmed in a written statement that there was a man sitting next to the duo during the incident.

“I felt bad for the guy beside them,  but I guess he was sleeping.”

The couple tried to conceal the “highly intoxicated” woman while she performed the act, but several passengers still saw what was going on. One witness said they “went to the row and witnessed the lady in the man’s lap performing fellatio…they had a blanket partially covering the ‘act.’ I asked for boarding cards and names.”

The woman immediately sat up and the man “tried to apologize” for what was going on.

When the flight landed, two police officers boarded the plane and questioned the couple. The man said that the woman “had fallen asleep in his lap but that they did not have intercourse,” and that he only “grabbed her breasts on the outside of her clothes.” The officer said the woman’s eyes were “bloodshot and red” when she was questioned.

Both were handcuffed and taken to an airport jail cell. The woman reportedly made a scene as she was being led away. The two later received citations from the FBI for lewd and lascivious behavior but were allowed to collect their luggage and leave.

When the woman tried to re-book her flight, she was told she was “not permitted to fly Delta.” She caught another flight the following day.

The couple’s names were not released, as according to the US Attorney’s Office, they aren’t facing charges.

“It’s going to be very hard to find that this is criminal conduct under the federal code because it’s not a threat to the safety of the airline, or other passengers,” said former federal prosecutor, Peter Henning.

 “It’s certainly distasteful, but it was not disruptive or interfering with the operation of the plane — and that’s typically what (airline incident) charges involve … The embarrassment is probably the biggest punishment they can receive.”

[Feature Photo: Pixabay]