‘Long-running game with these kids’: New search warrants on teens who allegedly killed man after throwing rocks off of bridge

Michigan police plan to carry out new search warrants against the teens accused of throwing a large rock off of a bridge, killing a man as he drove by.

Michigan Live reports that teenagers, ranging in ages from 15 to 17, are accused of tossing large rocks from the Dodge Road overpass Oct. 18, onto Interstate 75, which hit numerous vehicles passing by. As Kenneth A. White drove down the interstate in his van, one of the larger rocks thrown smashed through his windshield. The father-of-four was rushed to the Hurley Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

[Photo: Gennesee County Sheriff’s Office]
According to authorities, the defendants, Kyle Anger, 18; Mark Sekelsky and Mikadyn Payne, both 15; and Alexzander Miller and Trevor Gray, both 15, are all charged with conspiracy to commit second-degree murder, malicious destruction of property, second-degree murder, and related misdemeanor charges. After carrying out the first initial search warrant, detectives determined that the suspects had been throwing items from overpasses for quite a while.

“We have tracked that going through Saginaw County 911 that this has been a long-running game with these kids,” said Genesee County Undersheriff Chris Swanson.

One of the previous incidents occurred on Oct. 16. A driver called 911 after a group of kids threw “a red loveseat or chair” from the Busch Road overpass. Authorities located the chair on the side of the road. In this instance, the teens didn’t make contact with any vehicles and no one was injured.

Last month, the teens all pleaded not guilty after authorities arrested them for White’s death. If convicted, they face life in prison. The suspects are scheduled back in court on Jan. 11.

[Feature Photo: Handout/Genessee County Sheriff’s Office]