Loose-lipped robbery suspect accidentally reveals his real name on live TV

A man who police believe held up at least two banks agreed to be interviewed by a TV reporter filming a story about busy traffic.

Ashley Thompson, who works for CBS46 in Atlanta, did not recognize the man as being wanted by officers. She said the alleged bank robber even gave her his real name. Investigators had been looking for the man for two weeks.

“I think you caught him off guard,” a police spokesperson told Thompson.” “I think you surprised him.”

Officers would later tell her the man had allowed her to interview him in between two attempted bank robberies.

In raw footage of the interview, the alleged bank robber asked the reporter for time to remove his do-rag and hat.

The man then proceeded with the interview, providing his responses to the Thompson’s questions. When asked about traffic and the possibility of additional bus routes he said, “Gwinnett County doesn’t really have its own transportation. So MARTA coming out here will really help out a lot.”

Officers believe Eric Rivers, the alleged bank robber, had been scoping out several banks.

“He kind of has a skit that he plays … He goes into them and spends an extended amount of time in the banks,” said police.

A picture of Rivers had been sent out to media outlets, earlier. Officers said they do not have any evidence which suggest anyone else was involved.  In all, officers believe Rivers attempted to rob five banks, two of which they said he succeeded.

Investigators thanked the reporter and told her she greatly assisted with Rivers’ capture.

[Featured image: CBS46]