Oklahoma woman guilty of incest after marrying her biological mother

An Oklahoma woman was sentenced to a 10-year probated sentence for carrying on an incestuous relationship with her biological mother, whom she married last year.

As New York Daily News reported, 26-year-old Misty Spann pleaded guilty to the crime this week in Stephens County District Court.

She was given 10 years probation in a sentenced handed down by District Judge Ken Graham, according to Tulsa World.

An affidavit indicates police found out about the mother-daughter marriage during a child welfare investigation.

The two women met as adults in 2014 when Patricia Spann, 44, was reunited with three children after previously losing custody of them.

Patricia Spann later reportedly told authorities she and her daughter “hit it off” after reconnecting.

Since Misty Spann’s birth certificate did not list her biological mother, the two were initially able to get married, according to court documents.

Patricia Spann faces the same charge and is set to appear in court early next year.

The affidavit indicates she and a biological son were also married. That 2008 marriage was reportedly annulled in 2010 after the son reported it as incest.

Her marriage to Misty Spann ended similarly.

Tulsa World cited county records that show the marriage was annulled about a month ago. Misty Spann reportedly filed for the annulment about six weeks earlier “by reason of illegality and fraud.”

Misty Spann reportedly blamed bad legal advice on her mother’s belief that their marriage was legal. Oklahoma law prohibits incest, which is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

[Featured image: Stephens County Sheriff’s Department]