Controversial Louis CK movie ‘I Love You, Daddy’ will not be released after sexual misconduct allegations

Louis CK’s self-financed film I Love You, Daddy will not be released in theaters following a New York Times investigative report alleging that the popular comic forced multiple women to watch him masturbate.

Vanity Fair reports that the film’s distributor, The Orchard, has cancelled the release of the movie, which was controversial even before the allegations against Louis CK surfaced on Thursday.

“The Orchard will not be moving forward with the release of “I Love You, Daddy,” the company said in a statement.

The Vanity Fair report notes that The Orchard had earlier sent out screeners of the film to members of industry groups for award season consideration.

The film stars Louis CK as the father of a teenager daughter who is troubled by her relationship with a much-older film director with a bad reputation. I Love You, Daddy had premiered at the Toronto Film Festival before it was picked up for distribution, so the premise — Louis CK’s character is a successful TV writer, and he’s conflicted about his artistic admiration for the 68-year-old director who is trying to sleep with his teenage daughter — has already been the subject of critical discussion, given that rumors of Louis CK’s allegedly predatory behavior had circulated for years before the New York Times report this week.

Hours before the story ran, a New York City theatre cancelled the premiere of I Love You, Daddy, and Louis CK pulled out of a scheduled appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

Louis CK has not publicly responded to the allegations.


[Feature photo: Associated Press]