Dad books private concert to share final dance with dying daughter

The father of a terminally ill daughter planned a private concert allowing him to have one final dance with his 1-year-old, and video of the emotional encounter has spread widely online.

As the Plymouth Herald reported, Kevin McGuire and his wife, Marcia, of Hartlepool, England, organized the event to create some final memories with their daughter, Millie.

The girl reportedly suffers from brain and bone disorders and is not expected to live much longer.

“We have accepted that Millie will pass away, but we refuse to get down about it as we are too busy making lovely memories with her,” Kevin McGuire said.

The parents asked the band Stone Foundation to perform the song “Your Balloon is Rising” for the final dance, according to the U.K. Metro. Kevin McGuire said he regularly sings the song to his daughter, who has been undergoing palliative care for her multiple conditions.

Members of the band reportedly choked back tears as they played the special request.

Though the parents say they are determined to cherish the memories of their daughter, Kevin McGuire made it clear he is heartbroken about the things he will miss, the U.K. Sun reported.

“The one thing that does get to me is the knowledge I will never ever dance with Millie at landmark birthdays or on her wedding day,” he said.

He went on to share one particularly touching moment from their final dance.

“Millie woke up during it and looked at me and made the little cute noise she makes,” he said.

The girl, who is almost 2, was reportedly not expected to live a full day after she was born with serious brain damage. Her father described the extensive medical measures taken at the beginning of her young life, which extended the amount of time her parents were able to spend with her.

“Millie was unconscious for around six weeks, until one day, she opened her eyes,” he said.

Earlier this year, she reportedly began having seizures and was given more intensive medical treatment as her parents await the inevitable. Regardless of their pain, Kevin McGuire said his family has decided not “to get all dour” at the thought of losing their daughter.

“You won’t see any sad tears dropping from our eyes,” he said. “Because in her short timeon this crappy spinning rock, Millie has given us only happiness and love.”

[Featured image: Youtube (video screenshot)]