Naked neighbors kidnap family, blame it on hallucinogenic tea: Reports

Three members of a Canadian family are recounting the “absolutely crazy” ordeal they say resulted in them being kidnapped and fed hallucinogens by a band of nude neighbors.

As CBC reported, one member of the family said a woman approached their Alberta home Monday morning.

She acted frantic, the individual said, and was soon joined by four naked accomplices who forced a man, his daughter and a baby into a vehicle waiting outside.

The man was allegedly stuffed in the trunk with the woman and child up front. All three were reportedly able to escape the vehicle in motion.

According to the family, the ordeal still wasn’t over. When the three individuals were picked up by a passerby in a truck, the car they had escaped from rammed it.

Police reportedly found five individuals in the vehicle. Two teens were not arrested, but a man and two women are due in court later this month on suspicion of kidnapping, resisting arrest and mischief.

The man facing charges reportedly said his family and some breakfast guests were drinking tea he believed to be from India on the morning of the alleged nude kidnapping, the National Post reported. He said he later came to believe the tea contained hallucinogenic properties.

Police have not released a suspected motive or contributing factor, though they confirmed some type of drug or alcohol impairment could have been involved. Without key details, the family allegedly abducted is reserving judgment.

“We just don’t have enough information,” one family member said. “We have no answers as to whether anything was purposely taken.”

[Featured image: Pixabay]