Paramedic needs overdose treatment while driving suspected overdose patient to the hospital

An Ohio paramedic reportedly began to overdose as he drove an ambulance with a suspected overdose patient in the back.

According to the Daytona Daily News, the firefighter medic began to exhibit signs of opioid exposure en route to the hospital.

According to David Reichert, the Fairborn fire division chief, the man “was not feeling right” and “was having issues seeing the speedometer controls.”

Fortunately for all on board, the medic’s partner was able to step in and bring the ambulance safely under control in an intersection.

After the driver received a dose of Narcan, an emergency overdose treatment, both he and the female patient were reportedly admitted to Soin Medical Center.

Reichert lamented the fact that a firefighter attempting to rescue someone else had to be saved himself, apparently due to exposure to narcotics. He said another six firefighters were given a decontamination shower upon arrival at the hospital.

“None of our guys and gals think when they come to work that they may die of a drug overdose,” he said.

Early reports indicated individuals in the hospital might have been affected, but officials later clarified those claims had not been verified.

Fairborn Professional Firefighters Union Local 1235 President John Howard expressed gratitude to those who contributed to the emergency rescue.

He said firefighters and police “did an incredible job,” as did hospital doctors and staff, who he said “treated us amazing.”

As of the initial statement by police, the substance responsible for the apparent overdoses had not been determined, pending an analysis.

Fairborn Police Capt. Terry Bennington confirmed the department will be following up on the patient and filing charges against her if appropriate.

If investigators determine her overdose was not accidental, he said his “recommendation is we look at assault and inducing panic.”

WRGT reports she is expected to face felony charges.

[Featured image: Pexels]