Angry fast food customer allegedly jumps through window and brutally beats worker over missing McNuggets

An irate customer at an Indianapolis McDonald’s was recorded climbing into the restaurant via the drive-thru window during an alleged argument over an order of chicken nuggets.

Customer Monique McNeely captured the incident as she waited in line to receive her order early Friday morning, according to the Indianapolis Star.

“I had just placed my order and I was driving around the corner when I heard all this shouting,” she said, adding that she then saw “two girls just dive through the drive-thru window.”

The commotion led her to grab her cellphone and begin recording.

“I knew this was going to be an important video,” she said.

In two separate short clips, an alleged assailant can be seen partially inside the restaurant and climbing out and back into her car. The first video shows an apparent physical altercation between one of the women and a McDonald’s employee.

The incident left McNeely shocked, confused and a little afraid.

“I was worried that they were going to see me,” she said.

As she recorded the scene, she said she was “trying to hide behind the wheel,” though she believes they saw her at one point before they drove away.

She posted the video, which includes the suspects’ license plate, on social media and provided it to McDonald’s staff, who in turn handed over the information to authorities.

So I stopped for coffee and I’m happy I did. I just recorded this HOT-mess in the drivethru at McDonald’s. Yes they…

Posted by Monique Hernandez-McNeely on Thursday, November 9, 2017

According to KCCI, authorities are investigating the incident.

Police have not located the suspects, but they could face charges of vandalism and battery.

The restaurant’s cash register was reportedly damaged and an iced tea dispenser was toppled, but there were no reports of injuries.

McNeely said she initially believed the women were robbing the restaurant. A manager said the women were upset because they believed they ordered more McNuggets than they received.

[Featured image: YouTube (video screenshot)]