‘Dad’ punches baby daughter to death because she wouldn’t stop crying: Police

A Pennsylvania father confessed to beating his infant daughter to death because she “would not stop crying.”

George Gazzam, 30, initially told police that his 4-month-old daughter died after falling off of the bed and onto the floor Sunday, according to Allegheny County Police.

County police Lt. Andrew Schurman said police responded to a call from Gazzam at 12:24 p.m. Sunday and found the infant unresponsive. She was pronounced dead an hour later at St. Clair Hospital, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

On Monday, an autopsy report showed that the infant suffered from extensive injuries, including three fractured ribs, multiple bruises to the back and head, bleeding of the brain, a lacerated heart vessel and lacerated left kidney, a liver contusion, and a hemorrhage behind her eyes.

The death was ruled a homicide. In the criminal complaint, Detective Perry said the medical examiner, Christine James, said there’s no way the child could have received those injuries from falling off the bed.

“Dr. James stated that the above injuries could not occur to an infant by falling from the surface of a mattress that was 2 feet, 2 inches above a carpeted floor.”

When police showed Gazzam the autopsy results, he admitted to punching the child over and over because she was being “fussy.” He said that’s when the infant became unresponsive.

“She stopped breathing and her eyes rolled back in her head.”

Gazzam is charged with homicide and child endangerment. He is being held in the county jail.

The child’s mother was at work during the incident. She is cooperating with police, according to CBS News.

[Feature Photo: George Gazzam/ Allegheny County Police]