Kid slashes his disabled 18-year-old sister to death: Investigators

A North Carolina teen is dead and police say her juvenile brother killed her.

According to WYFF, authorities responded to a suspicious persons report near the family’s Weaverville home Saturday evening and found the complainant and the suspect.

The 911 call apparently came from a neighbor’s home when the suspect showed up immediately after the homicide.

Buncombe County officials released audio of the call Monday, and WLOS shared some key excerpts.

“Somebody just knocked on my door and said someone killed his sister that lives above us up here,” the caller reportedly said.

At one point in the conversation, the caller said the individual claimed to have been trying to escape the actual killer. The caller went on to say the person was covered in blood and did not look familiar.

Deputies say when they arrived on the scene, the juvenile led them to the victim, his 18-year-old sister Kayla Desiree Hensley. She reportedly died as a result of severe lacerations caused by a knife.

The Asheville Citizen-Times reported that the high school senior had physical handicaps impairing her ability to hear and walk, but those who knew her said it didn’t slow her down.

Describing the victim as a “ray of sunshine,” one Urban Outfitters coworker said Hensley will be missed.

“Kayla was always smiling at work,” Misty Gossman said. “Her smile could make even a bad day good.”

The victim’s boyfriend described her as “the most nicest, most wonderful woman you’ll ever meet,” according to WHNS.

Charles Lyman said he spoke to Hensley just hours before her death.

“I just wish this was a dream that I could wake up from,” he said.

Her brother has not been identified, but authorities confirmed he was taken into custody by the state’s juvenile justice department. He is reportedly facing a first-degree murder charge.

[Featured image: Kayla D. Hensley/Facebook]