Wednesday Crime Stories: Another Tampa serial killer victim!

ALSO: Dad dead after teens toss rocks onto highway; Veteran dies after nurses laugh at call for help?

A man on his way to do volunteer work for homeless was apparently the 4th victim of a serial killer terrorizing a Tampa, Florida, neighborhood. WFLA reporter Meredyth Censullo updates Nancy Grace on the search for the killer. Forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan, Los Angeles psycho analyst Dr. Bethany Marshall and California defense lawyer Troy Slaten join the discussion.

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Police say a group of teens who dropped a big rock from a highway overpass, killing a father, were engaged in a deadly competition, which involved tossing dozens of objects onto the busy road. Crime Stories contributing reporter Larry Meagher and syndicated radio host David Mack join Grace, Morgan, Marshall and Slaten to talk about the case.

Teens who threw rock that killed man have thrown objects from overpasses before: Police

Atlanta’s 11Alive TV host Vinnie Politan visits with Nancy in this Crime Stories episode to discuss his Late Feed TV show’s exclusive reporting on hidden camera video that allegedly shows nurses ignoring an elderly veteran’s pleas for help. The man died as the nurses could be heard laughing.

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