Divorcing man threatens to commit mass shootings at Las Vegas casino and a church

An Ohio man threatened to commit mass violence in a string of disturbing text messages with his estranged wife.

Cleveland.com reports that Wei Li, 28, threatened to commit mass shootings at both a Las Vegas casino and hotel where his wife works, and a church with at least 1,000 congregants.

According to an FBI new release, Li is accused to sending the threatening text messages to his wife on November 6, saying that the shootings would go down in history and that he would blame his wife for them. The release does not specify which casino Li said he would carry out an attack.

“I will make the biggest [mass shooting] in history,” Li wrote to his wife, according to Cleveland.com.

Li also allegedly threatened to kill his if he did not get his green card. According to court records obtained by Cleveland.com, Li visited the casino where his wife works and taunted her about having avoided any police or security.

“No one checked me,” he reportedly told her. He also allegedly sent her a photo of himself next to a rifle and knives.

During a meeting with FBI agents and Cuyahoga Falls Police Detectives on November 10, Li was asked to open his phone for the agents, and immediately deleted some of the messages. He reportedly told the law enforcement agents that the threats were not serious, and said he did once own a rifle but that it was stolen in 2014. The claim about his rifle was corroborated by police records.

He was arrested and booked into county jail until November 16, when he was transferred to federal custody.

Li’s threats come on the heels of two of the deadliest mass shootings in the United States, which took place weeks apart. A mass shooting in Las Vegas on October 1 claimed 58 lives; and a gunman killed 26 people at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, earlier this month.

[Feature image: Summit County Sheriff/Wei Li]