Hero mom nearly dies shielding her children from mass shooter’s bullets — and bystanders ignore her pleas for help

A mother who was seriously injured shielding her children from gunfire was ignored when she tred to get help, bleeding to death and fighting for her life.

KRCR News reports that Tiffany Phommathepi is recovering from five bullet wounds after Kevin Neal shot into her car during Tuesday’s deadly mass shooting in Tehama County, California. The brave mother of four was driving to Rancho Tehama Elementary School during Neal’s shooting rampage, and he shot into her car multiple times, hitting the passengers and seriously wounding Phommathepi.

The three children in the car , ages, 2, 7, and 10, suffered injuries as two were shot and the other was hit with shrapnel.

Phommathepi was hit four times in her shoulder, and once in the hp. She was bleeding profusely as she tried to escape the scene and get help.

“Multiple times I thought I was going to die. But I got woken up by my kids, I stayed awake,” Phommathep told the news staton.

The mother sad she drove for miles before she found help, passing four people who refused to help – and one who declined because she said she was late for work.

Eventually the mother was able to flag down Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston, who stopped to help her to safety.

“She … crawled out, bleeding,” Phommathep’s husband Johnny told the Los Angeles Times.

“If it wasn’t for him, my wife wouldn’t be here.”

The three boys are recovering well from their injures, according to the Los Angeles Times. And while their mother was critically wounded, her condition is improving. She is reportedly conscious and walking around.

“I married a tough cookie,” her husband told the Los Angeles Times.

“Those are her baby cubs. I told her, ‘You did the best anybody could do.’ I love her for that. She protected our kids.”

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help the family with medical expenses.


[Feature image: GoFundMe]