Mom dies under suspicious circumstances, plummets from parking garage after seen with mysterious man

A family is desperate for answers after a Texas mother of two small children fell off of a parking garage, plummeting to her death.

WFAA reports that on Sept. 23, Taylor Gruwell-Miller, 26, was on the The Icon at Ross apartment parking garage on Hall Street in Dallas, when she mysteriously fell to her death. Police said that a man was with Gruwell-Miller the day she fell, but he gave contradictory statements about the day in question. Detectives declined to release the man’s name, since he’s not been charged with a crime.

According to authorities, surveillance footage captured two additional men the day Gruwell-Miller fell, and police are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying them.

Family members stated that Gruwell-Miller was addicted to prescription pain medication and previously checked herself into treatment facility. After her admittance into the treatment program in August, Gruwell-Miller wrote numerous letters and had multiple conversations with family members, expressing how she missed her children and couldn’t wait to see them.

[Photo: Dallas Police Department]
“My daughter didn’t take her own life.” the victim’s father said. “We talked about her kids, and how proud I was of her. I was always proud of her.”

Gruwell-Miller left the treatment facility two days before she passed away. She left with a former college linebacker; authorities reported he had a previous drug conviction. The surveillance video shows Gruwell-Miller walking hand-in-hand in the parking garage with the man she met, but it appeared as if they were having a disagreement over something.

The pair got into a black car, but moments after, Gruwell-Miller fell to her death. Surveillance then showed the man driving out of the parking lot alone in the black car.

The man refused to meet with detectives, but in a written statement, told police that he left Gruwell-Miller at the top of the parking garage with his dog while he met up with some friends. He said when he returned, she was gone.

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Not only did authorities determine that there was no evidence of a dog being at the scene, but the surveillance video didn’t match up to the man’s version of events. Further, when authorities found him sleeping in his car, he woke up and started sobbing, explaining that “someone close to him” had died. The statement contradicted his written statement, in which he said he didn’t know what happened to Gruwell-Miller.

The victim’s father is convinced that the man knows exactly what happened. He recently wrote a letter to the man’s parents, begging them to persuade him to talk.

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Anyone with information about the incident, including the identities of the other two mean caught on the surveillance footage, should contact Detective Derick Chaney at 214-671-3650 or The case number is 218587-2017.

[Feature Photo: Taylor Gruwell-Miller/Facebook]