Swastika-covered white supremacist kills three of his friends, shoots fourth in the face

A Washington man was convicted this week of shooting four of his friends, killing three of them, in a July 2016 incident at a home in Woodhill.

Though 37-year-old Brent Luyster maintained his innocence throughout the trial, a jury found him guilty of all charges brought against him.

He was reportedly convicted of three counts of aggravated murder, one count of attempted murder and two counts of unlawful possession of a weapon.

The most damning testimony presented against him came from Breanne Leigh, the lone survivor of the shooting.

She provided integral details about the crime, pointing to Luyster as the man who shot her and killed Zachary Thomas, Joseph LaMar and Janell Knight.

Luyster has been described as a neo-Nazi with numerous Nazi-related tattoos on his body.

He has previously made it onto the Anti-Defamation League’s radar after reportedly assaulting a black man.

At the time of his arrest on the murder and attempted murder charges, Luyster was facing charges that he pistol whipped his ex-girlfriend.

After eight days of witness testimony, KOIN reported jurors deliberated for more than a full day before rendering a unanimous decision.

Several of the victims’ loved ones were in court when the verdict was announced.

LaMar’s mother reportedly exclaimed “Praise Jesus” as her son’s killer was led out of the courtroom convicted of his murder.

If Luyster was affected by the development, he didn’t let it show. He reportedly looked toward the gallery and grinned on his way to jail.

A sentencing hearing is set for early next month and could put him in prison for life.

[Featured image: Brent Luyster/Clark County Sheriff’s Office]