11-year-old boy dies after 400-pound step-grandpa pins him to the ground for several minutes: Cops

An Ohio boy is dead after his step-grandfather allegedly pinned him to the ground.

According to WLWT, Donald Martin Jr., 58, was arrested Friday on suspicion of reckless homicide in the death of 11-year-old Dylan Davis.

The deceased child’s grandmother called 911 to report the incident, according to the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.

“He came home and he threw a fit,” the woman reportedly said of Davis.

She claimed police had visited the Mount Orab home “all the time for him,” resulting in disruptive behavior on the day of his death.

“My husband was holding him down, he got sick and then he just passed out,” she said. “I don’t know.”

Sheriff Gordon Ellis said Davis apparently died from “positional asphyxiation or compression.”

He said an investigation revealed there had been “some time of altercation between the 11-year-old and his grandmother and the step-grandfather stepped in and restrained the juvenile.”

Martin, who reportedly weighs nearly 400 pounds, kept the boy pinned to the ground for several minutes, according to court records.

Sam Davis, Dylan’s father, said his son was autistic and exhibited increased anger recently but generally got along with Martin.

“Everything was good across the board,” he said. “This has come as a complete surprise. It’s mind blowing.”

The father said he was sad, angry and confused in the wake of his son’s death, Fox News reported.

“I wish it never would have happened,” he said. “He was getting older. Sometimes his anger was getting stronger and sometimes he had to be physically restrained.”

[Featured image: Donald Martin Jr./Brown County Sheriff’s Office]