Bitter ex plants GPS tracker in former boyfriend’s car, stalks him: Police

A Florida woman was arrested on Friday for stalking after she reportedly hid a GPS tracker in her former boyfriend’s car and stalked him, according to police.

News 6 reports that the unnamed victim reported Erica Capps to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office after she allegedly showed up uninvited at least four times where he was, although he never told her his locations beforehand. The suspect, who shares an 18-month-old child with the victim, was reportedly bitter when he broke up with her, and wouldn’t leave him alone.

The first incident occurred on Sept. 18 when Capps reportedly texted the victim and told him to go outside while he was visiting a friend in Alamonte Springs. When he walked outside, Capps was waiting for him and started screaming at him because he was visiting a woman.

The second incident, according to the victim, happened on Oct. 18 while he was visiting a different friend in Maitland. He said Capps showed up once again and started arguing with him. Towards the end of Oct., Capps allegedly followed him to a Best Buy store, where she demanded to know who he was with and what he was doing.

On Nov. 8, the victim said he had to leave an area Walmart when he saw Capps approaching him. He said the suspect followed him to a friend’s apartment and again started screaming at him.

On Tuesday, the victim reported the incidents to authorities after he found a GPS tracking device in his car. For further proof, he showed officers texts the suspect sent to him, with screenshots she took of his locations.

Authorities arrested Capps on a stalking charge. She bailed out of jail shortly after and told News 6 that the entire ordeal was a big misunderstanding stemming from a child custody case that got blown out of proportion. She claimed that the times she showed up was when her ex had their daughter for visitation and she was worried for the child’s safety.

“And that’s all going to be dropped because it’s a big misunderstanding. We’re actually going through a custody battle so that was definitely misconstrued by somebody, hence why I am no longer in jail at this time.”

[Feature Photo: Seminole County Sheriff’s Office]