Enraged granddaughter stabs naked grandfather 41 TIMES, leaves him for death on kitchen floor: Police

A Pennsylvania woman is behind bars after she stabbed her grandfather and left him to die on his kitchen floor, according to police.

NBC10 reports that on Nov. 15, Patricia Diocson, 21, called the police and said she walked into her grandfather’s home off of the 2500 block of East Lehigh Avenue and found him dead on the kitchen floor. Diocson, who lived with her grandfather, Robert Girard, 80, said she found his lifeless body at around 9 p.m.

Authorities reported finding a trail of blood leading from the Girard’s bedroom on the 2nd floor of the home to the kitchen, yet no signs of forced entry or a robbery. They spotted the elderly man lying on his kitchen floor, naked and saturated in blood. An autopsy report confirmed he’d been stabbed 41 times.

Posted by Patricia Diocson on Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Detectives reviewed footage from a surveillance camera overlooking the victim’s home and the only person seen entering the housw was Diocson. She turned herself into the Philadelphia Police Department’s Homicide Unit on Monday, where authorities charged her with murder.

“There was a lot of blood. Nothing was taken and no forced entry at this point,” Captain Jack Ryan with the Philadelphia Police said, according to Fox29.

Under questioning, Diocson insisted that Girard had been abusive to her, but it’s unclear what type of alleged abuse she said she endured.

Neighbor Dan Martino said he was shocked when he learned Diocson was arrested for murder. He told NBC10 she was the last person he would have suspected.

“To learn about this is horrific..Shocking. It just sent a chill down my spine because to be honest, she was the last person I would have suspected.”

Another neighbor, Brian White, said Girard, an Army veteran, lived in the neighborhood for years without any issues. His wife passed last December.

“I’m sick. I’m absolutely sick. I feel like there’s something more I could have done or that we could have did as a community. Bob was a great guy.”

[Feature Photo: Patricia Diocson, Richard Girard/Facebook/Philadelphia Police Department]