‘Gone in the sky the dead but never die’: Eerie last phone call from Charles Manson as friend defends him

‘He never put a knife in anybody – and you can’t make somebody do something like that. I’m sorry but you can’t.’

Sensing death was near, Charles Manson made a call prison just two days before his death, and true to his form, gave cryptic, eerie messages.

The Sun reports that Manson, 83, apparently spoke with one of his reported long-time friends, Ben Gurecki, on Nov. 12. Two days later, Manson was taken to a hospital and never made it back. He died on Nov. 19.

“Gone in the sky the dead but never die,” Manson told Gurecki during the final minute of their phone call.

Afterward, Manson said he had “love for all,” followed by strange messages, something the cult leader has been known to do for decades.

“Not yet found just a dream of hearsay. Who’s, what’s, why’s, for what? We each can makeup our own dreams with the story line as soon as we are no where we can change….As soon as I get up, out, around me will become a team. The beast, a priest, midnight and not as much as all.”

“Nothing with everyone and everything over and gone to start backwards again and again to nowhere and nothing again,” Manson continued. “To where you know it all as forever and some more, nothing again to where you know it all as forever and some more. Love for all. You are or could maybe and more. Not at………”

Gurecki said the call cut off before he had a chance to say bye. He defended his friend Manson, reiterating that the last few minutes of the phone call didn’t reflect the entire conversation.

“People don’t realize Manson was a real human being. This transcript shows him talking to a friend of 23 years in a very personal moment knowing something’s not right with him. The whole conversation was him just talking like normal and rambling but the last 60 seconds is quite profound I think. I believe in retrospect he was talking about his own demise…..But you know he won because he didn’t die in prison which he didn’t want to do.”

Manson’s friend also said that the notorious cult leader felt he didn’t belong in prison for such a long sting. Gulecki agreed and blamed the heinous killings in 1967 on the “scumbags” who actually killed seven victims under Manson’s command. Gulecki said Manson never once killed anyone and didn’t have the power to make others kill, despite them saying Manson made them do it.

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“The other scumbags that were part of his group – yes they deserved to be there – but him it’s a different story he never put a knife in anybody – and you can’t make somebody do something like that. I’m sorry but you can’t.”

Gurecki added that he thought Manson likely didn’t want to remembered at all. He said Manson previously told him he wasn’t afraid of death and thought he’d one day come back as a cow or a scorpion.

Manson’s friend added that he’ll have the entire transcript loaded on his YouTube channel at some point. Right now, he said, it’s simply too soon after his death to post it.  Gurecki, however, already has several previous conversations with Manson uploaded.

**Warning: Graphic Language**

[Feature Photo: Charles Manson/AP/Wally Fong]