Baltimore homicide cop killed on duty last week was shot dead with his OWN GUN: Report

The day after he was shot to death, Detective Sean Suiter was set to testify in federal court against fellow cops

Some surprising new twists have emerged in reports of the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of a Baltimore police detective last week.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Detective Sean Suiter, 43, died on November 16, a day after he was shot in the head by a suspect while on duty.

According to WBAL, authorities have released new information indicating the slain father of five was secretly a witness in a federal investigation against multiple fellow police officers.

He was reportedly scheduled to testify the day after he was shot.

Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said in a news conference Wednesday that he was only recently briefed by federal prosecutors regarding the detective’s status.

“I am now aware of Detective Suiter’s pending federal grand jury testimony surrounding an incident that occurred several years ago with BPD police officers who were federally indicted in March of this year,” he said.

Davis noted that the detective was “not the target of any ongoing criminal investigation.”

The acting U.S. attorney who gave him the information also reportedly claimed Suiter was not targeted because of his upcoming testimony against other officers.

He was shot while searching alongside his partner for a potential witness to an unsolved murder.

Video recorded at the time of the shooting reportedly shows Suiter’s partner duck to avoid the gunfire and retreat to report the incident. It was the partner who initially provided a description of the suspect as a black man in a black and white jacket.

Davis went on to reveal that Suiter’s gun was used to kill him. He was struck with one of at least three rounds fired and analysis of that slug reportedly revealed the detective’s DNA.

The description provided by the victim’s partner remains the only one available and no arrests have been made.

Loved ones are seeking donations for his widow and children with an online fundraiser on GoFundMe.

[Featured image: Sean Suiter/GoFundMe]