Karina Vetrano’s murder suspect makes chilling request after confessing to brutal killing

The man who admitted to killing New York City jogger Karina Vetrano made a chilling request after he confessed to her brutal assault and murder.

The New York Post reports that Chanel Lewis, 21, asked to see a photo of his beautiful 30-year-old murder victim after he confessed in February to killing her. NYPD Detective Christian Quezada said in a preliminary evidence hearing at a Queens courthouse that Lewis had asked to see a picture of his victim as the detective was driving him to central booking.

“During the ride he asked me if the victim’s family was watching on the news, and he asked me if he could see a picture of her,” Quezada said in court.

“I said no.”

Lewis reportedly dropped the issue after that, but had also asked to see a picture of Katrina’s parents.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Lewis confessed to beating, strangling, and drowning Vetrano in a homicidal rage when he came across her jogging in Spring Creek Park near her home in Howard Beach, Queens. Lewis was reportedly angry over a man he said had recently moved into his East New York neighborhood, and while he was not acquainted with the victim, seeing Vetrano somehow triggered him.

“I was mad, I saw red,” Lewis reportedly said in a recorded confession taken in February.

He admitted to beating her so violently that he broke her teeth, and said she fought back by clawing at his face. Lewis has denied sexually assaulting Vetrano though she was found with her shorts pulled down.

Monday’s hearing was to determine whether the videotaped confession can be submitted into evidence at Lewis’s murder trial. The Legal Aid Society, which is defending him, has argued it should not be, and the judge will make a decision in January.

“The evidence presented during suppression hearings shows that this is not a clear cut case, and there are many unanswered questions,” a spokeswoman with The Legal Aid Society said in a statement.


[Feature image: Police handout]