Self-proclaimed ‘sugar daddy’ uses position as teacher to recruit teen girls for sex: Investigators

A teacher in New York is facing allegations that he used his position and educational funds to pay for gifts and expenses in exchange for sex from a teenage girl.

According to the New York Post, 56-year-old Martin Howfield taught Spanish at North Queens Community High School, where he allegedly offered an internship to the 17-year-old girl. She was reportedly paid $2,000, which was funded through a federal program using taxpayer money.

Instead of offering her an opportunity to learn, however, he allegedly paid her strictly for sexual favors.

Investigators report the teacher offered her $300 monthly, asking her “what she would do for the money.”

She reportedly admitted she never did any work for the Department of Education program under which the internship had been approved.

Howfield allegedly referenced a term commonly used to describe older men paying for relationships with younger women, asking the teen if “he could be her sugar daddy,” according to investigators.

The girl reportedly told authorities that he asked her for nude photos, which she provided.

Investigators say she also described meeting Howfield at an area McDonald’s and going on shopping sprees including stops at Victoria’s Secret and Kids Foot Locker.

The teen reportedly described her physical relationship with the suspect, initially describing it as fondling but later acknowledging she had sex with him in his vehicle after a shopping trip.

He allegedly gave her $20 and paid for her cab ride home after the encounter.

Authorities claim Howfield wanted to include other girls in his scheme. He allegedly asked the initial girl to introduce him to other teens and one former student said he had phone sex with her and sent him a photo of his genitals.

That student said he promised to pay her for the explicit conversation, which allegedly included references to child pornography, but ultimately never gave her any money.

Howfield reportedly quit his job about a year ago and has not made a public comment regarding the allegations.

[Featured image: North Queens Community High School/YouTube–KenExcellence]