Mom overdoses on pills TWO DAYS before reporting to prison for killing her disabled daughter: Reports

Authorities say an Illinois woman died Saturday from an apparent suicide just two days before she was scheduled to report to jail for killing her disabled daughter in 2015.

According to WGN, Bonnie Liltz attempted to kill her daughter, Courtney, and herself in a murder-suicide. She survived, but her 28-year-old daughter, who had cerebral palsy, died.

The 57-year-old Schamburg woman claimed she acted out of concern for Courtney. As the mother’s health declined, she said she worried about who would care for her daughter.

She subsequently pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and received four years in prison even though prosecutors were in favor of a probated sentence.

After serving several months of the term, her attorney convinced the court she was receiving inadequate health care and she was allowed to be released on bond.

Liltz was expected to serve the remainder of the sentence beginning Monday.

According to her lawyer, the prospect of dying behind bars led her to take her own life last week, the Chicago Tribune reported.

He claimed to have letters from two doctors predicting she would not survive the sentence.

“It’s a tragic, tragic end,” Tom Glasgow said. “She just didn’t want to die in prison.”

He said his client did not appear suicidal when he spoke to her Friday after she spent Thanksgiving with family.

Glasgow did acknowledge, however, that her health had continued to deteriorate.

She reportedly lost even more weight recently, falling to just 84 pounds. Reports indicate she died from an overdose of pills, the same method used in her daughter’s homicide and the prior suicide attempt.

[Featured image: Bonnie and Courtney Liltz/Facebook]