In just 2 minutes SUV GONE! How to beat the SUV thief!

A Houston man had his SUV stolen in front of his restaurant after he left it unattended and running outside the building.

The restaurant owner, Daniel Yang, said he left his vehicle running for barely two minutes to go inside his Midtown business. When he came back out, the SUV was gone. He told ABC13 that he couldn’t believe his vehicle was stolen in such a short amount of time.

“I went to my restaurant to drop off something for two minutes and came out and the car was stolen.”

Yang immediately called police, who were able to spot the SUV shortly after. The vehicle had LED lights around the license plate and OnStar making it easy for police to spot it on MLK Boulevard.

Officers tried to pull the SUV over, but the suspect fled and led police on a car chase. The chase ended on the south side where the suspect exited the SUV and took off on foot. He managed to evade police and is still at large.

Yang got his vehicle back.

According to Chron, Houston police reported that SUVs were the most stolen vehicles just last month.

Police suggest keeping your doors locked and any valuables in the vehicle out of sight, especially while out holiday shopping. Park in a well-lit area and keep an alarm sticker on your window – it may deter potential car thieves – and never leave a running vehicle unattended. It could take less than two minutes for your vehicle to be stolen.

[Feature Photo: Pixabay]