‘I finally exploded’: Teen ‘dad’ facing homicide charges for allegedly fracturing baby’s skull for crying too much

A 19-year-old dad is facing charges after his infant died from abuse Saturday, allegedly at the hands of the teen father.

Clint Corydon Nokes was arrested Monday on child abuse homicide charges in the death of his 7-week-old son, Hudson, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Police were called to the home Friday when the infant stopped breathing. Assistant Police Chief, Kelly Bennett, with the Clearfield Police Department, said when police arrived, they could see “signs and symptoms of abuse.”

The infant was rushed to the hospital where doctors said he had a skull fracture, bleeding on brain, and detached retinas. He died from his injuries Saturday.

Nokes allegedly described to police how he abused the infant over and over again. He said he”finally exploded” because the child would not stop crying so he would “chuck him on the couch or chuck him in the swing.”

He also “pulled his leg and carried him by the leg from the living room into the kitchen” and then “dropped the child in the kitchen sink and the baby struck his head,” FOX 13 reports.

Bennett said the medical examiner is still trying to determine a timeline for the abuse, but the autopsy showed that Hudson suffered from several injuries including a fractured skull, a broken rib, broken arms, and a broken tibia. His spinal fluid was also bloody and both optic nerves in his eyes showed signs of hemorrhage.

“We’re waiting on the official results from the medical examiner’s office to determine an exact timeline on when these injuries occurred.”

Nokes is the only person facing charges in the case. Bennett said the child’s mother is “heartbroken” and is planning a memorial for baby Hudson with other immediate family members. Police say she’s cooperating with the investigation.

The father was booked into the Davis County Jail. He is being held without bond.

[Feature Photo: Davis County Jail]