Woman murders pregnant teen, performs C-section with stiletto knife and claims the baby is hers: Report

The suspect told police that her boyfriend threatened to leave her after she had a miscarriage

A Brazilian woman and her boyfriend are in custody after they allegedly plotted to kill a teen mother-to-be whose last social media post talked of her excitement of the impending birth.

The New York Post reports that the female suspect, who has not been named, allegedly invited Gabrielle Barcelos (pictured above), a neighbor, to her apartment in Uberlandia under the guise of offering her baby clothes. Instead, the suspect allegedly spiked a drink with drugs and gave it to the teen, who was eight months pregnant.

Once Silva died, the suspect allegedly cut the baby out of  the dead teen’s body with a stilleto knife — a thin, sharp knife — in a crude C-section. The suspect and her boyfriend then reportedly went to the hospital with the newborn, claiming that the woman had just given birth.

Doctors at the hospital reportedly called police once it became clear to them that the woman had not given birth to the baby.

The suspect, 38, reportedly confessed the murder to police and said her boyfriend was aware of the plot and helped hide the body. Barcelos was found wrapped in a blanket, but the report does not specify exactly where.

The woman said she attempted to steal the baby because her boyfriend threatened to leave her after she had a miscarriage. The boyfriend has reportedly denied his involvement.

The infant survived its mother’s murder and is reportedly in stable condition.


[Feature image: Facebook/Gabriella Barcelos]