Prosecutor: Dentist charged in toddler’s death hired hit man to kill boy’s mom

Oklahoma dentist Bert Franklin’s murder trial was delayed by new charges that he tried to arrange a hit on the woman whose child he is accused of murdering. A home surveillance video appears to show Franklin fatally slamming 19-month-old Lincoln Lewis’s head into the ground. He had been in an extra-marital relationship with the child’s mom for a year when the death occurred.

Nancy Grace looks at the case against Franklin in this Crime Stories episode with crime scene investigator Sheryl McCollum, death scene investigator Joseph Scott Morgan , New York psychologist Caryn Stark, and Crime Stories contributing reporter Bobbi Maxwell.

Dentist accused of toddler’s murder offered $300 to kill the baby’s mother so she couldn’t testify: Prosecutors

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[Feature Photo: GoFundMe/Lincoln Von Henry Lewis]