Woman beaten to death with baseball bat and 8-year-old daughter tied up in Hawaii vacation home: Reports

Authorities in Hawaii have arrested two suspects in connection to the death of a woman inside a vacation rental home on the island this week.

According to the Associated Press, individuals who had rented the residence found the victim upon their arrival Thursday afternoon.

The vacationers reportedly discovered the body of 51-year-old Telma Boinville in one of the rooms inside the home, according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Honolulu Deputy Police Chief John McCarthy said the woman’s 8-year-old daughter, Makana, was tied up but otherwise not injured in a separate room from her deceased mother.

The victim was reportedly employed as a housekeeper and had been cleaning the rental home at the time of the attack. She was also a substitute teacher.

According to Boinville’s widower, Kevin Emery, his wife was fatally beaten with a baseball bat. He said she had also been suffocated.

Boinville’s mother-in-law, Kiki Emery, said the Brazil native was “the most beautiful human being on the North Shore.”

A vehicle belonging to the dead woman was missing from the property, which led authorities to a suspect. The victim’s purse was also reportedly taken.

Investigators were able to locate her pickup truck in a Mililani Walmart parking lot. The suspects were found and arrested a short distance away.

Police have not announced a suspected motive for the crime.

KHON identified the suspects as 23-year-old Stephen Brown and 20-year-old Hailey Dandurand. As of the latest reports available, any pending criminal charges against them had not been announced.

[Featured image: Pixabay]