Daredevil falls 62 floors to his death day before he planned to propose, trying to earn money for his wedding [VIDEO]

The famous ‘rooftopper’ expected to earn money that would also help him take care of his sick mother

One of the world’s best-known “rooftoppers” died tragically in a horrific skyscraper accident caught on video by his own camera — the day before he planned to propose to his girlfriend.

The South China Morning News reports that Wu Yongning, 26, died after he slipped while doing pull-ups from the rooftop of a 62-story building in Changsha, China.

The popular daredevil died over a month ago, but his death was not confirmed publicly until his fans noticed he had stopped posting videos on the social media side Weibo. His girlfriend reportedly confirmed his death on the social media platform, where Wu had over a million followers.

Wu, who reportedly began his career as a film extra before becoming famous as a daredevil, reportedly attempted the stunt as a part of a challenge that would earn him the U.S. equivalent of $15,000.

“He planned to propose to his girlfriend [the day after the challenge],” Wu’s step-uncle reportedly told the newspaper.

“He needed the money for the wedding, and for medical treatment for his ailing mother.”

W had become well-known for executing risky stunts without using safety equipment. According to the New York Daily News, Wu had extensive martial-arts training and warned others not to attempt similar feats.

The Daily Mail obtained video footage of the tragic accident. Wu himself had reportedly set up a camera to record the stunt, expecting to be successful.


Feature image: Daily Mail video screenshot