Update: Prominent surgeon found stabbed to death in his apartment was sued by former Giants football player for ‘ruining his career’

A former New York Giants football player previously sued a prominent New York physician who was found dead from a knife stab wound on Sunday.

New York Post reports that ex-Giants player, Michael Cox, now 29, is not currently considered a suspect in the doctor’s death, but at this point, all scenarios are being investigated. Dr. Dean Lorich, well-known for treating U2 singer, Bono, after a 2014 cycling accident, also treated Cox in 2014, after the former football player broke his leg during a 2014 game.

According to Cox’s lawyer, Steven North, the physician failed to treat one of the Cox’s damaged ankle bones, which reportedly got worse, rendering Cox unable to continue his football career.

“We maintain that it should have been repaired before it got worse, and it wasn’t,” North said. “Michael went on to see Lorich for a few post-operative visits, and the condition continued to deteriorate, apparently it wasn’t recognized and nothing was done about it.”

“He went to [other] doctors, they noted a major difference in the deterioration of that bone, tried to salvage it [and] could not,” North continued. “And he’s precluded in all likelihood from playing football again.”

New York Giants running back Michael Cox (29) runs the ball against the Detroit Lions during an NFL football game at Ford Field in Detroit, Sunday, Dec. 22, 2013. (AP Photo/Rick Osentoski)

North also said he didn’t see how his client’s lawsuit was associated with Lorich’s death, as the lawsuit has been ongoing for several years.

“I don’t see a connection between our lawsuit, which has been going on for quite some time, and his unfortunate demise. But you don’t know what goes through people’s minds.”

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Lorich, a notable Manhattan surgeon, was found in his Upper East Side apartment on Sunday afternoon, dead from a knife wound. Police said that the surgeon’s 11-year-old daughter was in the apartment when they arrived. The child alerted the doorman at the Park Ave. apartment that her father had been injured, and the doorman called 911.

According to authorities, there were no signs of forced entry into Lorich’s home. They found the doctor lying on the bathroom floor at around 1 p.m. with a knife wound close to his heart. It’s still unclear whether authorities have a suspect in custody, but friends who learned of Lorich’s death were saddened and shocked.

“This is horrible, this is horrible. I don’t believe this,” said one of Lorich’s colleagues who stopped by his apartment while police were still present.

The colleague, who declined to give her name, dropped down to her knees in prayer after she heard the tragic news.

Matt Long, a firefighter treated by Lorich in 2005 was also shocked when he learned what happened. The surgeon helped Long recover after a bus ran over the firefighter a few days before Christmas.

“He was a good doctor, and a good man. He saved and helped so many people. He gave me back my life, and my family and I are all devastated,” Long, 51, said. “He came to my wedding. He was part of my life … This guy did so much for me.”

Lorich also treated U2 lead singer, Bono, after the musician was injured in a 2014 cycling accident in Central Park.

The story is still developing. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Dr. Dean Lorich/Hospital for Special Surgery]