Missy Bevers

Crime Stories podcast exclusive: Husband is ‘done talking’ about Missy Bevers’ murder

Although Brandon Bevers has been subjected on social media to accusations that he was somehow connected to his wife Missy Bevers’ death, Texas investigators said they accept his alibi and the husband is cooperating with their murder investigation. His wife was beaten to death with a hammer inside a Midloathian, Texas, church as she was preparing for a sunrise fitness class. Security video shows the apparent killer walking the church hallways carrying the murder weapon, but a makeshift police SWAT uniform and helmet hide the person’s identity.

The husband has been declining media interviews since soon after his wife’s murder, but Brandon Bevers corresponded with Crime Stories through several emails over the past years. We received a new statement in December, which we shared with lawyer and psychiatrist Dr. Brian Russell, host of Investigation Discovery’s “Fatal Vows” series, and Cold Case Research Institute director Sheryl McCollum.

Dr. Russell and McCollum join Nancy Grace and Alan Duke in this Crime Stories episode to discuss what the husband is now saying and to update the investigation into this unsolved crime.

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Read Brandon Bevers full email to Crime Stories:

“My family’s story….

Well, we all have good days, and bad. The children are not terribly fond of apprehending this person. They don’t want to revisit those emotions-they have told me this. They see/hear the daily anxiety I have in finding this person, and I think they are tired of the mentality this puts our day to day life in. They want normalcy, and happiness. I want justice, but I too fear the reality of bringing this case/person to trial and the emotional uncertainty that may go with it.So you have to ask yourself, do you bang your head on the wall everyday with this? Do you allow the unsolved aspect of this to infiltrate your thoughts- put yourself in a foul state of mind every day when you have three kids to focus on?

Starting 2018, I’m done allowing this uncertainty to control me this way. I will leave the head banging, and brain rot to the investigators. Trust me when I say they are qualified. I have spent most of this time feeling my responsibility to Missy was to find this person- That’s just not realistic. My duty to Missy is to memorialize her life, and that is exactly what I will do for her, and the children’s sake. She deserves this for all that she has contributed in our lives. I’m done talking about this investigation, theories, etc… I wish all of the whack job social media stuff would go to hell. Why do these people not realize they have left a door open for my children to peer into one day? How damaging could this be? No factual basis for all of the speculation whatsoever!

This behavior has not left Missy the real legacy she deserves- particularly in my children’s eyes.From this point forward, the only thing I will discuss is “who” Missy was. Her contributions to my life, the children, this family, and numerous other people that she loved. You bet I loved her. I know without a doubt she loved me. Don’t you see the real value in this? There is no value in discussing events that led up to her murder, or to speculate if she was targeted and why. What if the perp enjoys listening to all of this rhetoric? What this person needs to hear is “who” they took from us. The Mother, The Wife, The Daughter, Sister, Friend, etc…

These topics are more relevant and purposeful than anything else as far as logic is concerned.The activity surrounding this investigation is best left to the investigators. They have way more concrete information that isn’t up for discussion, or for sale.

Yes, you can share this. Its all I have to say right now.

Thank You,
Brandon Bevers”

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[Feature Photo: Missy Bevers/Family Handout]