‘Just shoot me’: Young couple accused of murdering teacher in Hawaii vacation home, leaving her young daughter bound and gagged in next room, ask cops to end it all

“My life is over after today,” the female suspect reportedly told police as she begged them to kill her

The man and woman accused of brutally murdering a teacher and gagging and tying up her 8-year-old daughter in next room reportedly asked their arresting officers to shoot them dead rather than go to jail.

According to court documents obtained by local news station KHOT, Stephen Brown, 23, and Kailey Dandurand, 20, both asked police to kill them when officers arrived to arrest them for Telma Boinville’s grisly murder.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Boinville, 51, was found dead in a Hawaii vacation home where she worked part-time as a cleaner. Boinville’s 8-year-old daughter was found bound and duct-taped in the next room, and is believed to have witnessed the killing in some way.

Her mother was reportedly beaten wth a baseball bat and suffocated. Boinville was found lying in a pool of blood, and a knife was also found at the scene.

Authorities have not revealed a motive for the murder, and there is no known relationship between the victim and the suspects. Boinville reportedly found the couple in the home where they were trespassing.

According to KHOT, Boinville’s husband told police that his daughter told him she had been waiting outside the home in a car, and the suspects came outside, covered in blood, and dragged her inside.

Visitors who were scheduled to rent the home arrived to find the dead woman and her captive daughter in the home.

“It was such a senseless act. I can’t imagine the level of evil one must be to do something like that,” a friend of the victim’s told KHON .

When police arrived to arrest Brown and Dandurand on Thursday, they each asked police to kill them then and there, according to the court documents.

“Can you just pull your gun out and shoot me in the head?” Dandurand reportedly asked.

“My life is over after today.”

Brown also asked to be killed.

“Just shoot me, I deserve this,” he reportedly said.

Both Brown and Dandurand have been charged with second-degree murder along with first-degree burglary and kidnapping. Brown has a violent criminal record but Dandurand is reportedly a runaway with no criminal history.


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