Man cuts off girlfriend’s hands with an ax after confronting her about suspected affair: Investigators

A Russian man allegedly cut both of his wife’s hands off in an attack that resulted from his accusations that she was cheating on him.

According to the New York Post, Dmitry and Mararita Grachyov have been married for five years and have two children together.

Prior to the gruesome physical battery, officials believe he asked her to take a lie detector test to prove her innocence, which she agreed to do.

Nevertheless, investigators believe the 26-year-old husband forced his wife to a remote wooded area about an hour outside of Moscow to confront her about a suspected affair. He allegedly brandished an ax and began aiming at her fingers while demanding a confession.

When she continued to deny the existence of a lover, he eventually chopped off both hands before driving the her to a hospital and surrendering to police.

Some friends expressed shock over the news, describing the couple as seemingly happy. One individual, however, said Dmitry Grachyov previously threatened to kill his wife on at least one occasion.

Reports inidcate earlier complaints concerning his alleged abuse did not result in action against him by authorities.

Margarita Grachyov’s left hand was finally re-attached after surgeons worked for nine hours in a “highly complex” procedure. Her right hand was reportedly mangled too badly to save.

One surgeon involved in the grueling surgery expressed hope that the re-attached left hand is permanently saved.

“The case shocked even us,” the surgeon said. “A normal person cannot do this.”

Alexander Myasnikov, the chief physician overseeing the surgeons, expressed pride in his team’s work and disgust over the nature of the attack.

“It is just a bloody mess,” he said. “Even I have to strain and prepare myself to look at [pictures].”

Dmitry Grachyov was taken into custody while investigators gather evidence in the case.

[Featured image: Pixabay]