Seven members of Gambino and Bonnano mafia families arrested for illegal gambling, racketeering, drug charges

A whopping seven Long Island mobsters from two separate crime families were arrested Tuesday on a slew of charges including drug dealing and racketeering.

Six members of the Gambino crime family and one member of the Bonanno crime family were brought in on charges in connection with illegal activities occurring between January 2014 and December 2017.

The accused are John ‘Johnny Boy’ Ambrosio, 74, Thomas Anzalone, 44, Alessandro ‘Sandro’ Damelio, 49, Joseph Durso, 26, Anthony Rodolico, 46, Anthony Saladino, 67 and Frank ‘Frankie Boy’ Salerno, 43, New York Daily News reports.

Salerno is the lone member of the Bonanno family to be arrested.

Both families are allegedly part of a larger five-family criminal organization known as La Cosa Nostra. The organization allows for its member families to co-exist in the same area.

The men allegedly ran illegal poker games, facilitated sports bets, and distributed narcotics such as cocaine, Xanax, and marijuana. Undercover cops bought drugs from Saladino and Salerno a total of 12 times.

FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge William Sweeney said the arrests attest to the still-existing problem of organized crime.

“The arrests in this case prove organized crime families haven’t gone away, and continue to plague our communities with their general disregard for anything other than their own greed.”

The indictment said that the members used threats and violent tactics to promote their agendas. Sweeney said that while “the overt deadly attacks that used to make headlines aren’t as prevalent,” the crime families are still employing violence.

[Feature Photo: Pixabay]