Woman kills herself in tragic attempt to stop her boyfriend’s suicide: Reports

Reports indicate a British woman died in what some believe was an accidental suicide during a misguided attempt to save her boyfriend from the same fate.

According to testimony in a recent inquest, 23-year-old Corinne Hayes sent her suicidal boyfriend a text message threatening to kill herself in response.

“If you are going to do it, so am I,” she wrote. “Meet you on the other side.”

Hayes’ mother, however, claims she was anything but suicidal.

The health care worker had recently received a promotion at work and had immediate plans to attend a music festival.

“Corrine was kind and sociable and had a heart of gold,” Mandy Hayes said. “She was everyone’s best friend.”

As Metro explained, some believe she did not intend to kill herself but rather wanted her boyfriend to arrive in time to save her, and in turn himself, from death by suicide.

The 33-year-old man had a history of mental health problems, according to testimony. He and Hayes had reportedly been arguing a short time before she sent the suicidal text.

He reportedly arrived home with two friends and found her hanged, having not seen the message in time to prevent the death.

The Manchester Evening News reported that his two friends were initially arrested on suspicion of murder but soon released. The boyfriend was reportedly taken into custody on a mental health hold in response to his behavior at the scene.

According to the coroner’s assessment, Hayes did not intend to follow through with the threat.

Joanne Kearsley believes it was a “misguided attempt” to get her boyfriend’s attention.

“I don’t accept that she intended to take her life,” she said.

[Featured image: Corinne Hayes/Facebook]