Female Google software pro found dead, naked

AND: Confessions of a womb-raider Killer

Nancy Grace looks at the deaths of two young women in this Crime Stories episode. Nancy is joined by death investigator Joseph Scott Morgan, Chicago psychologist Dr. Tiffany Sanders, medical examiner Dr. William Morrone, Crime Stories contributing reporter Drew Nelson and co-host Alan Duke.

A cyclist found the naked body of Chuchu Ma, 23, floating in the San Francisco Bay last week, not long after her boyfriend reported the Google engineer missing. The autopsy report is still pending.

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A North Dakota woman admitted in court this week that she kidnapped and killed 22-year-old Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind so she could steal the pregnant woman’s baby from her womb. Grace and experts look at the case.

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[Feature Photo: Chuchu Ma/Facebook]