Carnival Cruise family discovers their TV is watching them

A Florida family made a terrifying discovery in the stateroom of a Carnival cruise ship recently.

According to the Miami New Times, a 10-year-old boy and his parents sailed from Alabama to Mexico in October and did not find the camera hidden behind a wall-mounted television until the second day of the trip.

The camera was set up to record the bed, according to the father.

“It was a WTF moment, you know?” he said in an interview about the experience. “I asked my wife, ‘What is this? Is this what I think it is?'”

They immediately contacted security officers on board the ship, later alleging staff mishandled evidence and minimized the significance of the invasion.

“They said that it had probably been left there by a previous guest, but there was a layer of dust on top that had been there longer than just the previous guest,” the man added.

An official statement from the cruise line asserted that the device was “not operational,” though the family remains skeptical of the staff’s findings.

“A full investigation was conducted by the shipboard team in tandem with Carnival’s shoreside security personnel, who also notified U.S. law enforcement,” a Carnival spokesperson said.

The affected family has retained an attorney in an effort to communicate with the cruise line, which the father said has failed to reach out to them since the ordeal.

“What I’m worried about is the fact that that camera captured my minor child in various states of undress,” he said.

[Featured image: Youtube screenshot]