‘Milkshake murderer’ gave daughter a laced drink to serve her wealthy banker husband before bludgeoning him to death — and now says she deserves to be set free

A woman serving a prison sentence for bludgeoning her husband to death after he drank a sedative-laced strawberry milkshake is demanding to know when she will be eligible for early release.

The Daily News reports that American-born Nancy Kissel, 53, is 11 years into her sentence for murdering her husband, Merrill Lynch banker Robert Kissel, in Hong Kong in 2003.

The woman reportedly drugged the milkshake and then gave it to her six-year-old daughter to serve to her husband. Once he was sedated, she bludgeoned him to death with a lead ornament.

According to the South China Morning Post, Kissel has challenged the Long-Term Prison Sentences Review Board for refusing to advise her when she will be eligible for an early release review, a year after the board rejected her application for a conditional release.

Kissel’s lawyer reportedly argued in court that it was “unfair, irrational and inhumane” that Kissel is still unclear about if and when she may be eligible for an early release, especially given that she is a foreigner.

The attorney, Edward Fitzgerald, described his client as a ” tormented and broken woman.”

“From a psychological perspective, a finite period of imprisonment would likely decrease her sense of hopelessness,” Fitzgerald said.

“Even children need a date to look forward to.”

Kissel was twice found guilty of murder: First in 2005, but that decision was appealed in 2010, and she was granted a new trial. Despite a change in defense strategy — this time Kissel claimed to have diminished capacity, after unsuccessfully arguing for self-defense in the first trial — a jury once again returned a unanimous guilty verdict.

The convicted murderer is still awaiting a judgement on the latest challenge. Stay with CrimeOnline as we provide updates on future developments.



[Feature photo: Facebook/Nancy and Robert Kissel]