Mariah Woods Update: Court date delayed for ‘stepdad’ accused of concealing toddler’s body

Earl Kimrey, the boyfriend of Mariah Woods’ mother was not in court today as scheduled.

WWAY reports that Kimrey, who’s behind bars for reportedly concealing the death of toddler, Mariah Woods, was scheduled to appear in an Onslow County courtroom for his hearing on Monday morning. The rescheduled hearing will now take place on April 2, 2018. It’s still unclear why the court date was delayed.

Along with a felony charge of concealing a death, Kimrey is also facing charges of obstruction of justice, burglary, larceny, and possession of stolen property. He remains behind bars on a $1.01 million bond.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, authorities found Mariah in the Shelter Creek in Pender County, North Carolina, just 20 minutes away from her Jacksonville home, on Dec. 2.

Mariah’s mother, Kristy Hunter, reportedly tried to blame the little girl’s death on her 10-year-old son, at least according to Heather Craft, the girlfriend of the toddler’s biological father.

“Earl Kimrey and Kristy are trying to say that that’s why…and now that Earl panicked and was trying to clean it up.”

Craft told CrimeOnline‘s Nancy Grace that law enforcement reportedly isn’t buying Hunter’s alleged story, but the cause of death hasn’t been confirmed, pending official autopsy results.

“They’re [law enforcement] are trying to figure out exactly what happened,” Craft told Grace.

Mariah’s father, who has been involved in a custody dispute with her mother, has criticized her version of events.

“Someone just walked right up in there, grabbed the 3-year-old out of the bed and she didn’t cry, she didn’t scream?” Woods asked. “Nobody heard anything? Four people in the house, two adults and two kids someone just comes up and snatches the baby and walks out?”

Kimrey was eventually arrested after investigators linked him to her death. Yet, as of Monday, he has not been charged with murder. .

Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Onslow County Sheriff’s Office]