5-year-old boy shot for the SECOND TIME in his short life and his father is arrested: Cops

Chicago police say a 5-year-old boy was shot for the second time in his life this week and his father is in jail on related charges.

Reports indicate Kavan Collins found a handgun in the home this week and shot himself in the hand.

According to police, the boy found the gun under a mattress.

WGN cited police reports that indicate the shooting happened Tuesday at around 6:20 p.m. at a residence in South Side Chicago.

He was transported to Comer Children’s Hospital for treatment and was listed in good condition as of the latest reports available, as reported by WLS.

Early reports regarding the incident were conflicting, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Police initially classified the incident as a hand injury, specifically not by means of a gunshot, according to reports. Upon his arrival at the hospital, however, the victim was said to have sustained a gunshot wound.

About a year and a half ago, Collins was shot in the face while he was walking with his family. The then-4-year-old was admitted to a hospital in serious condition with a broken jaw after that shooting, according to reports. A woman was also shot in the incident, though authorities do not believe the shooter intended to target either of the victims.

Collins’ father was arrested in connection to the latest shooting. According to the Chicago Police Department, the man has a prior criminal history with the agency.

He is facing charges related to gun possession and child endangerment.

[Featured image: Kavan Collins/Associated Press]