Wednesday Crime Stories: Dead wife’s FitBit says hubby’s lying; ‘Munchhausen’ mom update & kids tortured at daycare

The FitBit bracelet on Connie Dabate’s wrist told a story that landed her husband in jail on a murder charge. Nancy Grace updates the case against Richard Dabate, who told investigators a masked intruder tied him up and fatally shot his wife. Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Bober, forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan, lawyer and child advocate Ashley Willcott, and Crime Stories contributing reporter Ninette Sosa join Nancy in this Crime Stories episode.

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A Texas mom faces felony child abuse for allegedly faking her young son’s illnesses for years which resulted in the healthy child undergoing 13 surgeries and 320 hospital and pediatric center visits. Crime Stories contributing reporter John Lemley updates the case of accused Munchausen mom Kaylene Bowen-Wright.

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Our panel of crime experts also look at the case against Lizandra E. Cosme, a 32-year-old Chicago daycare worker accused of burning five young children with a hot glue gun. Security video allegedly shows the woman and a coworker laughing about the toddlers’ pain.

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[[Feature Photo: Connie Dabate/Handout]