Woman convicted for accessing unfaithful husband’s email — even though he gave her the password: Reports

Reports indicate a woman in Switzerland was fined after a court ruled that she illegally accessed her husband’s email account in exposing his multiple infidelities.

According to the Telegraph, the unnamed woman faced a charge of unauthorized intrusion for logging into the account — even though the husband and wife openly shared their respective passwords.

Earlier this year, investigators reportedly confiscated electronic equipment including a computer, external hard drive and USB storage device.

Prosecutors later argued she intentionally accessed and downloaded content that was not hers.

The couple also shared the computer on which the emails were accessed, according to Swiss media reports.

In court, the woman reportedly revealed what she found out about her husband after accessing the account.

“He had been in contact with several women for a long time,” she said. “I confronted him with his affairs and he moved out of our flat relatively quickly. My trust in him was gone. We did not talk to each other anymore.”

Her defense attorneys sought to reverse the initial conviction in the case against her.

The act she committed did not amount to hacking, they argued, because she had prior knowledge of the password used to access the account.

Investigators found evidence in the search history of the confiscated computer, however, that she had searched the internet to determine whether her behavior constituted a crime.

Fines for her conviction were suspended on the condition that she commit no other offenses in the following two years. She still owed the equivalent of more than $4,000 to cover police expenses.

A court upheld the prior conviction upon appeal, but the suspended penalty was reduced in light of the “minimal criminal energy” required to access the emails.

[Featured image: Pixabay]