‘I will do whatever it takes’: Stalking suspect faces felony charges after following Katy Perry around the country for 3 weeks

A Polish man has been ordered by a Miami court to stay away from pop star Katy Perry after allegedly making an apparent threat during an interview with police.

According to a TMZ report, 37-year-old Pawel Jurski was accused of stalking Perry over a nearly three-week stretch. He allegedly traveled to each of the six cities in which she has performed during that time, making attempts to interact with her along the way.

During her concert Wednesday night, Jurski reportedly rushed the stage at American Airlines Arena in Miami in an attempt to contact the singer. He was stopped by security guards and subsequently interviewed by authorities.

According to WCAU, he escaped the custody of Miami police for a short period of time as officers were transporting him from the concert venue to another location on the property.

Police reports indicate he admitted to additional instances of stalking during the interrogation. In Chicago, for example, Jurski reportedly confessed to following Perry into a steakhouse and planning to surprise her.

The man also made statements that could be interpreted as threats, according to reports.

At one point in the interview, an investigator reportedly asked Jurski if he would consider hurting Perry.

“I will do whatever it takes to be with Katy Perry,” he allegedly replied.

Jurski faces multiple felony and misdemeanor criminal counts including aggravated stalking, escape, loitering and resisting arrest. In addition to setting his bond at $34,000 and instructing him to stay away from Perry, a judge ordered him to turn over his travel documents.

[Featured image: Pawel Jurski, Katy Perry/Miami Police Department, Associated Press]