‘Snapped: Killer Couples’ returns with unhappy gym owner’s wife who has the wrong man killed

Snapped: Killer Couples returns for its 9th season in January, and it’s packed with nine new episodes of “America’s most dangerous duos,” including a shocking series premiere in which a “best man” gets murdered when a hitman mistakes him for his lover’s husband.

Lee Ann Reidel, 36, was apparently an unhappy upper middle class wife who wanted her husband dead so she could inherit his money and keep their child all to herself. In 2000, she fell head over heels in love with a “hitman,” Ralph Salierno, hired to murder Reidel’s husband, health enthusiast gym owner, Paul Reidel.

When the couple married in 1998, friends and family deemed them the perfect couple, but soon after, Lee Ann discovered her new husband had a crack cocaine addiction that tore the marriage apart. In 2000, she left Paul, taking their young son with her and moving in with her mother in Florida. Within six months, however, they reunited when Paul assured Lee Ann he would go to rehab and see it through.

On surface, it seemed as if the couple were on their way to a new start and a better future when someone matching Paul’s description was murdered outside of Paul’s gym in Long Island. Paul’s best friend and business partner, Alex Algeri, lost his life needlessly as he walked outside of the gym to retrieve something from his car–the same type of car Paul Reidel owned.

Authorities, stumped, got a break more than a year later as Lee Ann fought in a tumultuous custody with Paul over their son. According to prosecutors, Lee Ann, the mastermind, felt the only way to be with her new beau, Ralph, was to have him to take out Paul so they could inherit his money and fitness, and be together without issues.

In the series premiere, Snapped: Killer Couples explores the the Reidel’s rocky marriage, followed by the devious plan that resulted in an innocent man dead because of mistaken identity.

Snapped: Killer Couples, Oxygen’s longest-running true crime show, premieres on the Oxygen channel on Saturday, January 13 at 9 p.m. EST.


[Feature Photo: Lee Ann Reidel/Screenshot/Oxygen]