Cops break up frat party so booze-filled that air in house registers on breathalyzer

One of the partygoers jumped from a second-story window when police arrived

A college party in Maryland got so out of hand that the air in the house registered on a breathalyzer.

WJLA reports that Montgomery County Police responded to a disturbance call at a home in Bethesda and found 70 people at a party hosted by American University students in a fraternity. The party, which took place last month, was reportedly billed “Tequila Tuesday,” and the alcohol was certainly flowing.

When police arrived, some of the partygoers locked themselves in a bathroom, while another jumped out of a second-story window, according to records obtained by WJLA.

The floors of the home were covered in a sticky film of alcohol, and the air in house registered on a breathalyzer at .01.

Most of the attendees were reportedly ages 17-20, and the six hosts — members of the SAE fraternity — are facing 126 counts each of furnishing alcohol to a minor and allowing underage possession of alcohol. If convicted on all charges, each of the hosts could be required to pay $315,000 in fines.

According to the report, several attendees reportedly told police they never want to attend another frat party again.


[Feature image: ABC 6 video screenshot]